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Contract Administration

In the construction industry, the administration of the contract is not always entrusted to the lawyers. Therefore the Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Planners, Architects and other industry professionals are required to practice not only their own disciplines but also the complicated administration of contracts.

Universities / Polytechnics produce the above professionals but not Contract Administrators. Therefore it is essential for the construction industry developers, contractors and consultants to procure the services of industry experts to train their Contract Administrators.

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Dispute Resolution

The proprietor of DRSAM FZE, Professor Indrawansa Samaratunga ("Prof. Sam"), is an arbitrator registered with London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC). DRSAM FZE also arranges acceptance of arbitrator nominations / appointments of Prof. Sam for dispute resolutions by either LCIA / DIAC or adhoc.

Prof. Sam's services are also available for adjudicator appointments especially for Dispute Adjudication Boards under FIDIC contracts.

Profile of Prof. Sam is available for download here.

A few words from Prof. Sam himself:

During an era where “conservation”, “sustainability”, “Green Buildings” etc. are the buzzwords of the construction industry, it is disturbing to see that little or no attention is paid to the waste of resources unnecessarily spent in formal dispute resolutions. Avoidance of disputes should start by having in place a perfect set of contract documents and end with administrating the contract in a perfect manner, if we are to avoid the waste of money, time and effort spent on expensive and time-consuming dispute resolution processes which also break-down business relationships.


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